2.20 lakh votes missing in Karimnagar LokSabha constituency!

Former MP Ponnam Prabhakar alleged that several irregularities were taking place in Telangana voter list. He said that he already took the issue to the notice of the Election Commission several times.Former MP Ponnam Prabhakar said while there were 15,50,834 voters in Karimnagar Parliamentary constituency in 2014, now the number decreased to 13,23,433. He said over 2.2 lakh votes were missing in Karimnagar Parliamentary constituency alone and asked the Election Commission to tell who will take the responsibility for it.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday at Gandhi Bhavan, Ponnam said more than 90,000 votes were missing in Karimnagar Assembly constituency. The situation was same everywhere across the State, he pointed out. He also demanded that the Election Commission respond seriously on the issue.

Finding fault with the State government for not providing buses to the candidates appearing for VRO examination, Ponnam pointed out that the same government provided lakhs of buses for Kongara Kalan. The examiners insulted the women by asking them to remove their mangalsutra at several places. He asked the government to initiate action against the officials who committed this mistake.

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