A Tear Filled Goodbye To Sushanth!

Amidst the tears and sorrow of his friends and family members, young hero Sushanth Singh Rajput’s final rites were performed as his remains were left in the river at his home town. During these sad moments, his sister Shweta Singh wrote in Facebook about her thoughts.

She said that he is still in the hearts of everyone. She claimed that she knows he is going through a lot and he is a fighter but they never knew he has this much of unbearable pain inside him. She wished that she took some of his main and gave some their happiness to him so that he may not have left everyone suddenly. She said that the ‘Asthi Nimarjan’ was done in Patna and thanked everyone for cooperating with them. She said that Sushanth’s memories will be in the hearts of everyone and wished that his soul gets the peace it longed for.

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