AP Govt Sells Onions At Rs 25 Per Kg In Rythu Bazars

To ease people from the troubles of the skyrocketing prices of onions in Andhra Pradesh for the past few weeks, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has directed officials to sell onions for Rs 25 per kg at Rythu Bazars till the price comes down.

Onion prices in the open markets across the country have increased drastically where it has touched Rs 100 per kg , making it difficult for the common man, hotels and consumers to purchase it. Despite these prices, the state government decided to bear the subsidy burden through price stabilization funds and timely monitoring the situation. YS Jagan ordered that ‘whatever the financial burden be on the state government, onions should be sold at Rs 25 per kg to the consumers at Rythu Bazars.’

Previously, from September 27 to October 2, the government has purchased 6730.95 quintals and at financial burden of Rs 35 lakh. In the past 18 days itself, the government had spent Rs 9.50 crore on purchase and supply of nearly 16,000 quintals of onions.

On November 2, the government purchased 548 quintals of onions at Rs 90 per kg and sold to people at Rs 25 per kg. A Rs 5.83 crore financial burden has added to the State government.

The Chief Minister’s Office is constantly reviewing the issue with the Agriculture Department, Civil Affairs Department, Marketing Department, and Rythu Bazar Estate officials.The Chief Minister ordered the officials to take stringent action against those who illegally store the onions.

The Union Government on Tuesday reduced the stock holding limit for retailers and wholesalers to 5 tonnes and 25 tonnes, respectively. Earlier, retailers were allowed to hold onion stock up to 10 tonnes and wholesalers up to 50 tonnes. Now, they can hold half of it, as per an order issued by the Consumer Affairs Ministry. The revised stock holding limit would not be applicable for imported onions

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