Bollywood entry Mahesh Babu
Bollywood entry Mahesh Babu

Bollywood entry is time waste for me – Mahesh Babu

Mahesh is one of the top stars in the country and has a massive following in the north as well. He is busy shooting for his latest film Maharshi in the direction of Vamsi Paidipally.

Mahesh Babu has always kept Tollywood in front and spoke great things about Telugu cinema in every interview of his. Right from the time, he began his career, he has shied away from doing Bollywood films.

He has been getting offers every single day but he has rejected them politely. When the same question was asked whether he would make a Bollywood entry in 2019, Mahesh said that he is very happy doing films here and why would he go and waste his time in Bollywood when he has such a flourishing career here.

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