Chay-Sam Go For A Romantic Ride!

Star actress Samantha Akkineni is spending her free time with her husband Naga Chaitanya happily. With no shootings and releases due to lockdown, all the actors have a lot of leisure time in their hands. Most of them are resting happily in their homes and posting interesting stuff on their social media handles.

Recently Samantha posted a picture of herself and her hubby Naga Chaitanya sitting on the bike. Chaitanya has put his helmet on while Samantha is seen sitting behind him holding her helmet. The couple looks completely adorable and especially looks amazing with her cute smile.

Looks like it is a throwback picture from Sam as there is a big chance of the police stopping them and make them pay the fine if they spot two people sitting so closely on a bike without maintaining a physical distance. Isn’t it? Nonetheless, the young couple look fantastic and happy during their romantic ride.

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