Congress takes on CM Chandrasekhar Rao for silence on bifurcation vows

Congress takes on CM Chandrasekhar Rao for silence on bifurcation vows

The Congress on Friday said the Monsoon Session of Parliament beginning on July 18 was crucial for Telangana as it would be the last opportunity for MPs from the state to demand for fulfillment of bifurcation-related promises. In the wake of reports of early polls for the Lok Sabha, the party said the Winter Session of Parliament may not take place, and the state government should give a serious thought on how to bring pressure on the Centre in the Monsoon Session.

The party questioned Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s silence on the matter though the Parliament Session was nearing, pointing out that AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu had held a Cabinet meeting to devise the TD’s strategy in Parliament. Addressing a press conference here, Congress leader Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy said the CM’s silence showed that the TRS has no sincerity or commitment towards solving the bifurcation-related issues pending with the Centre and the party was acting as Team B of the BJP.”

“Why is KCR silent on this issue even after four years? Is there any secret understanding between the TRS and the BJP? He owes an explanation to the people of Telangana. What prevents him from fighting against the NDA government on bifurcation-related issues when neighbouring AP is taking the Centre to task on this issue,” Mr Reddy asked.

He also accused the TRS government of pushing the state into a debt trap., he said “The TRS government should release a white paper on how much loan was secured in these four years and where it was spent. The estimates of irrigation projects are being increased indiscriminately without any justification. There is no quality management system manual in irrigation projects though the government is spending over Rs 1 lakh crore.” He alleged that the CM had thrown administration to the wind and confined himself to ‘election management’ to win Assembly elections. Mr. Reddy alleged that the arrest and externment of Swami Paripoornaananda was a ploy to help the BJP in the state.

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