Coronavirus Strikes Back In China

While many nations across the world are trying to combat the dreaded rnvirus which was originated from the Wuhan province of China, the dragon rncountry China has announced that the condition in the nation came under rncontrol.

That happiness did not last too long for China as the rnHarbin area of China turned out to be the hotspots for the novel rncoronavirus. The condition in the Wuhan province came under control as rncurrently there are only two critical cases of COVID 19.

Harbin,rn which is the provincial capital of Heilongjiang has reported 70 rnpositive cases of the novel coronavirus and it is believed that the rnvirus entered the province from a student who recently returned from Newrn York.

As per the information around 4,000 people from the rnHarbin province were being tested for the fatal virus and what’s even rnscarier is that most of the people out of them shown positive symptoms.

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