High Court Orders To Register Case On TDP MLA Bode Prasad !

It is known that TDP MLA Bode Prasad openly abused YSR Congress party MLA and actress R K Roja in July this year. Now, after months gap he ultimately faces a criminal case for his offensive comments.

The High Court of Hyderabad on Tuesday promptly ordered the Krishna district police to file a criminal case against Prasad for vulgarly calling Roja a “Prostitute” and accusing her of running a brothel house.

However, the Penamaluru policemen refused to act upon Hyderabad High Court orders. When approached about this issue they informed media that they require permission from higher authorities.

Policemen seem fearing the local power of Prasad. They carefully cover up the situation by stating “higher authorities”

Hyderabad High Court is the combined high court for AP and Telangana as of now. And generally, High Courts in the democratic country considered as one of the supreme authorities at the state level. After hearing the petition and arguments from both the sides, the high court ordered booking of a criminal case against Prasad.

In a party meeting at Penamaluru on July 9 this year, in the presence of media persons, the TDP MLA typically used unparliamentary language against Roja for alleging he was involved in a call-money sex racket.

He said in that meeting his stomach was burning whenever she referred him as s sex racket call money guy. People might believe her which will ruin his reputation in the state. Countering her statements, he called her a prostitute. The actual words he said are: “They will even believe if I say she is operating a brothel. She accused me of being involved in a sex racket, but did she call me while running a brothel herself?”

In our Indian culture, we respect our women. Many women were given respect despite their illogical immature behavior and words. Prasad’s comments on a notable woman are, however, not acceptable. There are other ways to counter the political abuse and personal abuse.

Being a responsible politician, he can not use such unparliamentary language at a woman. In fact, most of the TDP leaders use their tongues instead of their brains.

Another TDP leader, Chintamaneni Prabhakar also known for his aggressive and foul behavior with the public. They should at least act responsibly while they are addressing press meets.

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