In Which Direction We should Keep God Photos In Home

In our country, worship place is considered the most important part of the house. It is very important of people to do pooja on daily basis. And this is the only reason that people have different worship places in their house. But are definite way to place , sculptures and photographs in well manner in the temple of your house , which is prescribed by Vaastu Shastra. You should also take special care of these rules in the worshiping in the house .

It is very necessary to correct the direction of the house .Pooja room in the house should be in the north-east direction. It should be on the east or north side.

The house of worship should never be inside the bedroom at home. Apart from this, the worship room should never be above or below the bathroom.

For positive results, you should put the picture of Sun, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Indra and Kartikeya in the pooja room in the east direction.

According to Vastu, the picture of Ganesha,Durga, Bhairav and Kuber Deities should be faced in the pooja room facing towards north direction.

The picture or statue of Hanuman ji should never be placed in the south-east direction of the pooja room. In the worship room, you should place religious books in the south or west direction.

If there is a Shivling in your Pooja room then it should always be kept in the north direction.

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