Jayaram Murder Case Gets A New Twist!

Chigurupati Jayaram, the Director of Costal Bank is murdered in a natural fashion few days ago. AP Police have announced that his niece, Shikha have nothing to do with the murder.

Immediately, Jayaram’s wife Padma Shri demanded the AP Government to transfer the case to Telangana Police as soon as they can.

She went ahead with the petition in Jubilee Hills police station and AP Police decided to hand over the case to Telangana Police as Padma said that she lost trust in AP Police.

She also said that Jayaram did tell her personally that his own elder sister and Shikha were threatening to kill him.

AP DGP said that AP Police wanted the investigation to happen in clinical fashion and as the murder happened in Hyderabad, it will be easy to investigate for Telangana Police.

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