Naga Shourya's Kanam Review and Rating

Kanam Movie Review & Rating

Director AL Vijay who always has a particular concern towards the society has come up with an exciting movie titled as Kanam. The film was earlier titled as Karu in Tamil, but the makers later changed it to Diya. The film is dedicated to the unborn lives and is an attempt to bring a realization to those couples who commit a mistake by aborting their babies.

Naga Shourya and Sai Pallavi played a pair in the film, and the surprising element of the movie is Sai Pallavi playing the mother of a three-year-old kid. The theatrical trailer has impressed everyone and raised good curiosity on the movie. The film is finally in the theatres and here is our review of the film.

Krishna (Naga Shourya) and Tulasi (Sai Pallavi) gets married and starts leading a happy life. All of a sudden, Krishna’s father, Tulasi’s mother and uncle dies suspiciously. Tulasi finds that her past has got a connection to all these deaths and what happens then forms the crux of the story.


Naga Shourya has played a decent role which can be differentiated from the characters he had played in the past. He has got not much scope to perform to the fullest, but he has tried his best to give some much-needed push to Sai Pallavi to excel in the lead role. Sai Pallavi, on the other hand, is captivating enough for us to rave her performance.

The couple looks good and convinces us as a husband, wife. Priyadarshi did an excellent job with his character, and the variation he has portrayed is appreciable. The other actors like Santhana Bharathi, Rekha, Ravi, Gandhari Nithin did their best in the few moments they got to shine. The child artist Veronica left an impression and did a considerable role.

Technical Aspects:

The cinematographer Nirav Shah understood the theme of the film and had attempted the frames accordingly. His cinematography added the required energy to the proceedings in the movie.

The music by Syam CS is good to hear, and his background score is pulsating enough to elevate the film at the right points. The picturisation of songs was neat. Editor Anthony made a better cut out of what he was given. The graphics and VFX works were done brilliantly. The production values maintained by Lyca productions are rich.


The writer and director AL Vijay trusted his story more than the conflict. The conflict is very weak in the movie, and because of the same reason, the film fails to engage with the audiences properly. The twist in the story gets unfolded at an early stage in the movie. The director could have done more work regarding scripting which could have sustained the interest of the audiences in watching the movie till the end. The second half is very crucial for a film like Kanam, but unfortunately, it is a big let down for the movie.

The first half is not so engaging and the second half is entirely a misfire. The hurried climax and the illogical ending also creates an unpleasant feeling for the audiences while coming out of the theatres. The movie is enjoyable in parts where Sai Pallavi shines with her role, and it finally ends up as a film that deserves our time when it is aired on the TV screens.

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