Karnataka And Telangana Lock Down Till 31st March!

He announced that the state will be under loc down till 31st March as the Corona Virus cases in Telangana have been raising.

He asked people to cooperate till 31st March and banned any gathering more than 4 to 5 people at any given time till 31st March.

Lockdown means no one from outside state can enter Telangana till 31st March. Pubs, theatres, few restaurants could be asked to shut down till 31st March to avoid mass gatherings.

Earlier in the day, Karnataka CM Yedyurappa also announced the same lock down and said that State will provide two months ration in advance to all ration card holders.

Also, he announced that the cases in state have reached 20 and Government increased the quarantine facility at Victoria Hospital, Bangalore by increasing the strength to 1500 beds. 

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