KTR Responds On Meera Chopra’s Issue

None denies the fact that fans are strength for any film actor. But when these fans love goes out of the limit, it may bring the bad name for their beloved actor. Now, the issue between actress Meera Chopra and Jr NTR fans is such case where the NTR fans have been targetting the actress and abusing her very severely.

The actress is no mood to spare the fans who abused her and she has been actively fighting on this by seeking help from the police and lawmakers.

This morning, Meera placed a tweet on her twitter handle tagging Minister KTR and Kavitha and asking them to provide justice over this issue.

“@KTRTRS @RaoKavitha ive been abused of gangrape, acidattack, abused, cyberbullied and slutshamed by your state. @hydcitypolice has filed an fir and i hope for the safety of women this will investigated thoroughly,” she tweeted.

Apparently, KTR who stays active on Twitter responded to the actress tweet and said that he had requested the police officials to take a stern action as per the law.

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