KTR’s Statements On Lifting Lockdown In Telangana

In the wake of the second phase of lockdown expected to get lifted on the 7th of May, many speculations and doubts raised on whether the existing lockdown will be extended on lifted.

On the other hand, the second phase of lockdown is scheduled to get lifted in the country on the 3rd of May which is four days earlier than that of the lockdown period of the Telangana state.

In the wake of this situation, recently Minister for IT & Industries KT Rama Rao gave an interview to national television and said that with the measures taken by the state government Telanagana might turn as Corona free by the 8th of May.  

To date, 11 districts in Telangana managed to free themselves from the COVID 19 virus and the state government declared these districts as Corona free. This can be cited as a good sign.

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