Liberate the Soul

Mahavira taught that the soul can be purified by destroying hatred and attachment. We are in control of our own destiny and can attain liberation. While he believed that there is no superior being or god who controls our fate, the soul follows the cycle of birth, death and rebirth until it reaches liberation.What is the purpose of this universe? Why is it here? Why am I here? Is it possible to liberate the soul? There is no enemy outside your soul. The real enemies live inside you—anger, pride, greed, attachment and hatred.

Every soul is omniscient and blissful from within. The bliss does not come from outside. There is no separate existence of God. Everybody can attain Godhood by making an effort to liberate the soul. The soul comes alone and goes alone. Nobody accompanies it and nobody becomes its mate. Every soul is independent. No soul depends on another. The soul must recognise its true self.

We shape our future by our own deeds. Good acts lift the soul to great heights, while bad deeds cause it to slide into despair.Your destiny is in your hands. No imaginary or external power can help you. Every living being wants to live and be happy. Do not hurt or kill other living beings. Rather, liberate your trapped soul. One who is free of deceit is pure. Only the pure attain liberation, like a fire sprinkled with ghee. Religion is the pond; celibacy is its sacred shrine.

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