Lord Rama be role model for rulers!

We look up to Sri Rama as an ideal human being and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Why did HE send Sita Devi into the forests when she was pregnant, a woman who believed in HIM to take care of her for her entire life? Is it fair that he reacts so much to a mere comment from a single person in his kingdom? Is it fair that Sri Rama sent Sita Devi away into forests?

Sri Rama is a Chakravarthi, a ruler. A ruler’s duty does not begin and end at a specific point in a day. His primary responsibility is to ensure every person is happy under his rule all times. Even a single penny taken away from a hundred disqualifies it from being hundred. Therefore, he could not disregard the disapproval of even one person.

Swasukha: Nirabhila:

shaha – If everyone is happy when Sita lives separately from Rama, then it is better that they both sacrifice their happiness for the sake of everyone else. This is what Sri Rama believed in.

However, there is a hidden and agreed reasoning behind why Sri Rama’s decision in this regard is fair. When Rama had to go to forests for 14 years to abide by the decision of his father, everyone in the kingdom followed him through the journey for an entire day. Rama had begun his journey early hours next day without telling all his followers because he had to make sure everyone lives their life as usual.

However, when Sita Devi was let go to the forests, no-one questioned, disagreed or asked him to bring her back – including the ministers and sages. This shows that a lot of people were okay with Rama’s decision. In such a case, Rama had to sacrifice his happiness. Sri Rama and Sita Devi are therefore considered our ultimate saviours because they think and act for the happiness of all of us than for themselves.

Sita Devi is always happy to support Rama for ensuring he succeeds as a ruler. Also, Rama left her under divine guidance and shade of a great sage, Valmiki. It is important to go through the root scripture, Valmiki Ramayana to understand the reasoning and secrets rather than depend on other sources. Let all the rulers learn the good deed of working to the benefit of everyone in their jurisdictions.

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