Move over, Mahira Khan. Ranbir Kapoor might have an arranged marriage

Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan’s photos might be making the internet lose its mind, but seems like mommy Neetu Kapoor is not very impressed with her son’s link-up rumours. Buzz has it that Neetu is apparently trying to get Ranbir hitched as soon as possible.
A report in Mumbai Mirror says that Neetu Kapoor has been trying hard to make Ranbir listen to her and settle down. The only thing she talks about these days, says the report, is Ranbir’s marriage. So much so, that every wedding that she attends, she tries foraging for a match for her son. That’s one quintessential Indian parent there, we say!
However, Ranbir doesn’t seem to be in the mood to follow his mother’s ways and has supposedly told her that he will tie the knot when he wants to. But when have our parents ever listened to us, especially in matters concerning marriage…
Neetu Kapoor, say rumours, even made her son meet an NRI girl in London.
It was in May this year when reports about the mother-son duo going to London to look for a bride for Ranbir first surfaced. “The London visit could very well be for a meet and greet with a well known family in London for the actor’s marriage. Though nothing is confirmed as of now, but time will tell…” a source had told a tabloid back then.

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