Murder at Attapur in day light..Public and police watched like spectators!

A murder took place at Attapur pillar number 145 in day light in the presence of a traffic constable on Wednesday. Unknown suspected four members by using axe killed a person. Later the murderers spent some time at the spot.One accused adjusted his shirt and another accused by holding the axe showed it to the person whom they murdered repeatedly .
Another two accused with sticks managed the public. Public like spectators watched the murder and after roaming on the road for some time they absconded on bikes.One police vehicle was also moved on the road but they haven’t responded.

The whole murder incident was recorded in the nearby CCTV footage which raised many questions on the security of the public and showed how easily criminals can do murders if they plan.The victim was identified as Ramesh and he was the prime accused in the murder case of Mahesh goud which took at Shamshabad mucchintal earlier.

The victim after attending the case in the court on his way, then the Mahesh goud relatives attacked him with axe and did the murder.The victim shouted for help from the public and police but nobody saved him.

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