Nirbhaya Convicts Hanged On Mar20th

As the latest development in the brutal gangrape and murder of the Nirbhaya case, the four convicts were given a death warrant and will be hanged on March 20, at 5:30 am. Quite surprisingly, this is the fourth warrant awarded by the court.

This new warrant was issued a day after the mercy petition filed by Pawan Kumar Gupta was rejected by President Ram Nath Kovind. He is the last of the four death row convicts whose petition was rejected.

 The new death sentence date was fixed by the Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana which is on March 20. This came after the Delhi government has told the court that all the convicts in the case have exhausted all their legal remedies.

It has been reported that the lawyer who is representing the four death row convicts has told the court that there is no legal impediment for the court in proceeding to announce the execution date.

“I hope this is the final date and they would be hanged on March 20. While dying Nirbhaya asked to ensure they get such punishment that such crime is not repeated ever,” Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi said.

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