Pawan Kalyan Reaction On Janasena MLA Rapaka Arrest

Janasena’s One and Only MLA, Rapaka Varaprasad surrendered himself in Malkipuram Police Station a little while ago and will be produced in the court later today. It is said that a supporter of the MLA was arrested by the police on grounds of playing cards. Taking up cudgels on behalf of his supporter, the MLA reportedly had a run-in with the local Sub-Inspector, Rama Rao who did not agree to release the accused. Later, the MLA alleged that the SI abused him which irked the Janasena activists to protest against the Police. They attacked and smashed the windows of the police station. A case was registered with MLA as the A1. With the rumors of arrest being imminent, Rapaka Varaprasad surrendered himself in Malkipuram Police Station. Surprisingly, Janasena President Pawan Kalyan came in defense of his MLA and went on to say that his MLA only withstood by the people. “Why did the Government did not arrest YSR Congress MLA (Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy) who attacked a journalist? I urge Janasena workers and leaders to stay calm. If the situation goes out of the hand, I will come myself,” Pawan Kalyan warned the State Government

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