Pawan Kalyan’s Shocking Comments on YSR

Pawan Kalyan has made shocking comments on former CM late YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Pawan alleged that it was YSR who had given permissions to bauxite mining in then undivided Andhra Pradesh. Hitting out at Jagan, Pawan alleged that Jagan will loot the state if he comes to power. He challenged Jagan whether he could dare to promise that he wouldn’t allow illegal mining if he comes to power.

Pawan promised that he would ban the bauxite mining if he comes to power. Speaking at Praja Porata Yatra in Rampachodavaram in East Godavari district, Pawan said YS Jagan will loot the state arbitrarily and unilaterally. Pawan was accompanied by Nadendla Manohar, CPI secretary Ramakrishna, CPM’s Madhu.

Criticizing AP government, Pawan said that Araku MLA Kidari Sarveswara Rao wouldn’t have been killed had the illegal mining was controlled by the government. Pawan blamed Chandrababu for ignoring the problems.

Pawan accused TDP government of doing corrupt practices. Pawan alleged that at least Rs 1000 Crore corruption took place from each district.

Bringing the topic of KCR, Pawan tried to play ‘Andhra’ sentiment card. Pawan challenged whether Jagan can dare to speak against KCR. He also alleged whether Nara Lokesh can stand in front of KCR. Pawan claimed that the opportunistic leaders and political corruption are reason for the separation of Telangana and Andhra. KCR had abused all the people of Andhra. Has any Andhra leader have guts to speak against KCR.

Pawan claimed that he only has guts to take on Narendra Modi. He said neither Chandrababu nor Jagan have guts to stand against Modi. Pawan raised his suspicion on TDP and YSRCP that they could join hands with BJP after elections. Talking about Girijans, Pawan accused governments of not doing enough for Girijans as there is no improvement in their lives.

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