RGV’s One-Sided Love Story!

At first Ram Gopal Varma stated that it is a love story. Then he added that it is a betrayal story. Later he came up with a line that the film will have a melodrama Though he has no clarity in telling the audiences what type of story he is making, somehow he is actually keeping Lakshmi’s NTR in the news.

However, the film looks more of a one-sided love story with total narrative having the Lakshmi Parvathi part in the driver’s seat. We hear that not only the film’s story is based on a book written by Lakshmi Parvathi, but also it has numerous poetry written by the second wife of late NTR. And that’s all about her love for the legendary actor-politician. 

And what is more in this love story? Varma is said to have shot most of the film as NTR’s lonely suffering rather than showcasing any cracker like political scenes. Other day after watching the film at Varma’s “Factory” in Mumbai, we hear that Lakshmi Paravathi got shocked as the political scenes came out spineless though the love scenes stood out. 

Though there is no authenticity of these talks doing rounds in Film Nagar, it’s true that Lakshmi Parvathi has indeed met Varma at his Factory. 

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