Singer Chinmayi joins #Meetoo campaign to shame sexual predators; shares her harassment stories

Celebrity women and some journalists are now taking Indian twitter by a storm as they are responding to the #MeToo campaign and revealing every single sexual harassment incident they faced in life. Joining the tribe, popular singer Chinmayi also made some shocking revelations.

Taking her twitter page by a storm since last night, Chinmayi revealed how she was subjected to abuse since the age of 10 and explained that even an old man in priestly attire didn’t spare her. She spoke about those unwanted hugs few elders in the guy to test the girl’s willingness.

“I was 8, maybe 9. I was sleeping. My mom was supervising a recording session for her documentary. Felt a man in priestly robes feel up my privates and I woke up. Told her ‘that uncle is bad’. This was in the studio called Santhome Communications that still exists” she said in a tweet.

In another tweet she mentioned: “I was perhaps 19; again, veryyyyyy respected, wayy older man called me to his office on a pretext, my mom was with me, I was called in alone; we suspected nothing coz said man showed no such behaviour before,walked from behind his table, hugged me and felt me up.”

She spoke about the online harassment as well and stated that youtube reviewer Prashanth tried to showcase his fake support by calling her ‘sweetheart’. Later she was said to have asked him to not call her sweetheart and then he started posting against her.

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