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LAX Airport now lets passengers carry CANNABIS!

It turns out that travellers can now carry cannabis with them through Los Angeles International Airport. According to a story published in SunOnline, a written policy posted by airport police has told passengers that small amounts of weed may now be brought into LAX, but they have warned that possession of any amount is still a federal crime and TSA agents – the US version of airport security – may find the stash. However, what action will be taken against a passenger found with marijuana is unclear. TSA spokeswoman Lorie Dankers said Thursday that agents won’t take the drug away ...

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Girl harassing man for money in Narsaropet of Guntur district!

You’ve seen boys threatening girls that they would post their nude pics. But, here’s a role reversal. A girl has threatened a boy that she would post his nude pics if he didn’t pay her money. The incident occurred in Narsaropet of Guntur district. According to the police, a girl befriended a 23-year-old battery worker in Narsaraopet on the Facebook. She claimed she was software employee and that her husband was employed in Hyderabad. She told him that she had a baby too. She then sent a nude pic claiming that to be hers and asked the boy to send ...

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