Telangana BJP pins hopes on Modi-Shah magic

Telangana BJP pins hopes on Modi-Shah magic

Telangana BJP pins hopes on Modi-Shah magic

The state BJP has pinned all its hopes on party president Amit Shah’s visit to Telangana on Friday. This will be Mr Shah’s first visit to the state after a gap of over a year. During his previous vi-sit in May 2017, Mr Shah had addressed a public meeting in Nalgonda and criticised the TRS government for failing to utilise the funds sanctioned by the Centre for the welfare of the poor and development of the state.

On Friday, Mr Shah will be closeted with state and district-level leaders besides party vistaraks for the entire day at the BJP headquarters here. Party vistaraks were appointed in all the districts and given two-wheelers to take up door-to-door campaigning on the initiatives taken up by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The main focus of Mr Shah’s visit is to devise a road map and strategy to bring the BJP to power in the state. Mr Shah will work towards securing the maximum number of Lok Sabha seats from the state, identifying disgruntled leaders in the TRS, Congress and other parties and admit them into the BJP with a view to strengthening the par-ty ahead of the elections.

Mr Shah is expected to give party leaders a target of ‘Mission 60 Plus’ — win over 60 seats out of total 119 Assembly seats to form government — and ‘Mission 15’, to win 15 out of the total 17 Lok Sabha seats from the state. State BJP leaders and cadre are confident that the Modi-Amit Shah ma-gic will work wonders.

BJP state president Dr K. Laxman said, “Amit Shahji will review the activities taken up by the Telangana BJP unit since he visited the state one year ago. Important state-level and district-level leaders besides par-ty vistaraks have been invited for the meeting.”

He said no public meetings would be held. “This is an internal programme with sole focus on expanding and stren-gthening the BJP.” Mr Shah will also review Dr Laxman’s recent 14-day Jana Chaitanya Yatra across various districts. Dr Laxman said the Congress as the main Opposition had failed miserably.

“The Congress is mired in internal fights between its leaders. They are only concerned with the Chief Minister’s chair. Nine of their MLAs have defected to the TRS. The Congress has become helpless and only the BJP can offer a better alternative to the TRS and Amith Shahji will guide us on how to take on the TRS effectively,” Dr Laxman said.

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