Two leaders, Two Working Styles, Same Result

Both are young leaders and both have different styles of working. Take a look at both KTR and Harish Rao. They both are very different from one another in terms of working styles and strategies.

Harish Rao is essentially a people’s man. Even during the Corona lockdown, he is one leader who does not need KCR’s  prodding to go out on to the streets and work for the implementation of the lockdown. During the last fortnight, he went around the colonies, met the officials, interated with the medical fraternity and guided the police. He personally interacted with the citizens and asked them to remain indoors. On the contrary, KTR is essentially a planning and monitoring guy. He is staying in his office and is monitoring everything. He is directing the officials and is pointing out where the lacunae are. He is making them work even while being at home. Both the leaders have vastly different working styles. But both are effective.

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