Vijay’s Sarkar Movie Review and Rating..!!

Superstar Vijay is back with yet another social entertainer called Sarkar. Directed by Murugadoss this film has hit the screens today. Let’s now see how it turns out to be.


Sundar Ramaswamy(Vijay) is an NRI who comes to India to cast his vote. But to his bad luck, his vote is cast by someone else. He files a case and requests back his vote and also demands there be fresh elections in the state. This does not go down well by the opposition party which tries to hunt him down. Upset with this, Sundar takes a decision to himself contest the elections. Rest of the story is as to how he faces all the corruption and comes out with flying colors in the elections.

Plus Points:

From scene one, Sarkar only belongs to superstar Vijay. He steals the show with his standout performance and is extremely good in all the emotional scenes. There are many mass elevations executed for him as his fans will just love him as Sundar Ramaswamy.

Yet another surprise package of the film is Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar. She is top notch as the lady politician and has terrific screen presence. All her scenes with Vijay have been executed well. Senior actor, Radha Ravi is superb as the cunning politician.

Keerthy Suresh looks good but sadly, she does not have much to do in the film. The first half of the film is quite neat as the way Vijay fights for his vote and the manner in which he takes on the opposition has been showcased in a gripping manner.

Minus Points:

The second half is where the film goes for a toss. Things become routine and Murugadoss showcases the set up which is quite common in every political film where an outsider tries to take on the mighty politicians and wins over them.

Even though Varalakshmi does good in her role, she is brought way too late into the proceedings and by then the damage is already done. The so called drama between Vijay and Varalakshmi becomes jaded during the climax as things happen very easily for Vijay and his team.

One more biggest disadvantage is that the film lacks entertainment quotient. From scene one, the proceedings are serious and this might not go well with a section of the Telugu audience who expect popcorn entertainment.

The proceedings in the second half lack flow. The main thread of CM’s wife changing things on their head during the climax lacks logic and this is where things end on a dull note in the film.

Technical Aspects:

Production values by Sun Pictures are top notch as a lot of money has been spent to make the film look politically perfect. A R Rahman’s music is one of the most disappointing works of his in recent times. Not even one song makes sense at all. But he covers it up with a decent background score. Editing is below par as close to ten minutes of action sequences could have been chopped off. Dialogues are good and the dubbing done is perfect.

Coming to the director Murugadoss, he has made the film keeping the Tamil audience and Vijay fans in mind. He has showcased Vijay in a stunning manner and got the first half right. But he falters in the second half where the film does not have proper flow and becomes a routine game of politics which you might have seen in many Telugu movies.


On the whole, Sarkar is a routine political thriller which runs on the screen presence and charisma of superstar Vijay. His performance is the highlight as he carries the film on his shoulders. His fans will love the film but for the Telugu audience, there is nothing new that the film showcases as it also lacks basic entertainment. So the Tamil version might get a thumbs up but here in the Telugu states, Sarkar will only find a few takers.

The rating for the movie is 2.5/5

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