On Thursday night, Bigg Boss gave housemates to choose the new captain of the house by asking the inmates to pick three people among the ones who have never captained the house.

Housemates picked Sreemukhi, Mahesh and Vithika as the three contestants to take part in the task. And each of them is asked to lift another contestant (or to get lifted) and take part in a race, where they have run between to checkpoints by carrying the contestant and the person getting carried will pick flagstaffs from one end to the other.

While Ravi struggled to carry Sreemukhi, Mahesh carried Siva Jyothy easily and looked like a winner, but Varun Teja carried his wife Vithika to post more flags than others. Though Varun got some choking moments, he has succeeded in making his wife win the captaincy task.

However, Sreemukhi didn’t take another loss in captaincy task easily, as she kept on discussing that she shouldn’t have asked Ravi to do it.

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