WhatsApp Bans CM Ramesh

Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramesh’s WhatsApp Account has been closed for allegedly violating the norms. A statement has been issued in this regard by WhatsApp

WhatsApp made it clear that CM Ramesh can’t use its services anymore. The TDP MP wrote a letter to WhatsApp to find out why his account isn’t functional since few days. In reply, WhatsApp conveyed that it took a decision to impose a ban upon receiving several complaints against violation of norms. The Social Networking App refused to disclose the details of the complainants citing the privacy policy.

CM Ramesh alleged Union Government is behind the ban imposed by WhatsApp against him. The Parliamentarian is facing CBI & ED Probe in connection with the disproportionate assets case.

Generally, WhatsApp doesn’t block or remove the accounts of a Parliament Member unless if it’s very necessary. People are curious to known about the activities which led to the closure of CM Ramesh’s account.

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