Why Uttam Kumar Reddy Is Thanking Corona Lockdown?

Thanks to Corona, the Congress high command has put on hold all the new appointments within the party. Several PCC chiefs were to be replaced. But now, with the lockdown in force and political activity being not possible, the Congress High Command has decided to go ahead with the existing teams in the state units. This means, Uttam Kumar Reddy will continue as the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief for many more months.

Uttam has already completed five years and there are many contenders for the TPCC chief’s post in Telangana. From affable Jagga Reddy to ambitious Revanth Reddy, many are aspiring to become PCC chiefs. While seniors like V Hanumanth Rao, K Jana Reddy and Ponnala Lakshmaiah want to have another go at the PCC chief’s post, young guns like Diddilla Sridhar Babu too want the top post. There has been hectic lobbying for the past during the months preceding the Lockdown. But, with the lockdown sure to continue for another month and severe restrictions fr many more months, massive political changes are not possible. The BJP has changed its state president, but the new president is finding it difficult to take over reins due to the lockdown. AsĀ  a result, the Congress leadership feels that continuing with Uttam Kumar Reddy is the best possible option.

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