MLA Roja : Chandrababu Cheats Dwakra women in the name of pasupu-kunkuma

YSRCP MLA Roja says Chandrababu is cheating the Dwarka women in the state. With the elections coming closer, the new drama started with the name of pasupu-kunkama. Babu, who came to power to provide shelter for beltsshop, Dwarkra loan money and a girl child, is threatening women’s lives. Chandrababu is described as a female traitor. 

Roja was fired with the situation of new drafts started with out dated CMD post dated checks. Checks, Chandra Babu who gave the pension … asks him to vote once again. What can he say to the people to vote? The days of Babu’s reign of Narasudha’s rule are close to the days of the rule of law. The Vasipi comes into power when the Navaratnas will be implemented.

Roja said, TDP leaders attacked Chandragiri MLA Chevireddy Bhaskarreddy, who told Chandra Babu’s fraud. Roja to Minister paritala sinita, Don’t you have any shame on your part to betray the people who believe you

In February in the name of pasupu-kunkama ..
Rs 2500 , Rs 3,500 will be paid for April 4, Chandra Babu said, but alleges that the election notification was a pretext and that he had a conspiracy against Rs 2,500. Chandrababu, who said Dwakra will be able to wave the debt in 2014, but did not care after coming to power. All in the name of pasupu-kunkuma to hide this fraud

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